NBA star Tracy McGrady biography: the mother of two pence and play support for


1.Tracy McGrady personal introduction

Full name: Tracy – Lamar – Tracy McGrady

Abbreviations: Tracy – Tracy McGrady

(Trivia: the Houston Rockets in the words of the big groups, there are two Tracy, Tracy McGrady is the famous one, the other is the rocket’s press officer, Tracy. The question is, a girl named Tracy McGrady Name, which is probably an early age is brought up by her mother and grandmother’s sake. jokes about the name a lot McGrady, Yao Ming had a press conference in the name of Tracy McGrady, as with jokes, when in use the third person Select the “she (she) ” to joke and Tracy McGrady said Yao was also know the name of Tracy.

We all know that in the “Matrix”in the actress, also known as Tracy, Tracy. )

Effectiveness of the team: Detroit Pistons

Height: 6 feet 8/2.03 m

Weight: 223 lbs / 101 kg

Date of Birth: May 24, 1979 (EST)

Constellation: Gemini

Draft pick: In 1997, the first round of the ninth overall by the Toronto Raptors selected (PS: the year was almost traded to the Chicago Bulls, but Jordan was blocked because a bargaining chip is the Bulls Scottie Pippen)

Hometown: Florida Bate Wu

Have residence: Auburn, Florida, Dell, North Carolina, Dole Beckham, Toronto, Orlando, Florida

Graduate School: Monte Christian Academy High School (from Dell High School in Auburn transfer)

Individual Honors: single game in Orlando Magic scored 62 points, and in 2002-03 and the 2003-04 season and won two consecutive league in scoring, he played in the 2007-08 season, the Rockets 22 straight rate.


2.Play outside the sideline

二、打球之外的副业Charity, which may be outside of Tracy McGrady on the court and the healing time and energy spent most of the. In 2001 he set up a foundation in their own name, the year to raise money to help the Florida Olympic Committee, after another 911, a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina donations. In addition, he invested every year to local schools Auburn Dell to carry out sporting events, in Houston there is the annual charity baseball game. In 2007, anti-drug campaign in Houston in Houston, with another three professional sports teams players together as poster image of the spokesperson, the same year he and Dikembe Mutombo to a visit to Africa.



If not, “Penny “Hardaway of the then current Airborne Orlando’s Tracy McGrady, then the famous pumpkin head could be a boy in New York Yankees baseball guy – it’d and Michael – Jordan is somewhat similar . Until now, McGrady is the life of baseball as their favorite charity every year to organize a baseball game. His ultimate dream is to become a professional baseball player, and even he admitted that during the 1998 NBA stop, had considered going back to play baseball.三、业余爱好

Of course, in addition to baseball, the Tracy McGrady many other hobbies, like pop music, and, and JAY-Z is also a good friend, and he even had a chorus feat baby experience. Of course, he also likes watching movies, Al – Pacino’s “Scarface,” Robert – De Niro in “Casino Storm” is his favorite movie, and gold – Kerry is his favorite Male movie star, actress is Halle – Berry.

Everyone knows that Tracy McGrady has a pair of sleepy eyes awakened from a dreamless, and in fact he is a sleepy madman, he even got in the magic during “The Big Sleep” nickname, November 2002, a field to sleep in the locker room before the game , woke up after the win scored 41 points to lead the team … … you what to say?


4.Personal blog

四、个人博客Tracy McGrady is a lot of messages through his official website revealed, especially the just-concluded season, McGrady decided to secretly have the first surgery and a series of news from the first to be exposed to his personal website. In this information age of diversity, although not as good as O’Neal and others in twitter on fame, but McGrady has not been left behind.


5.McGrady Family

Tracy is just a small moment of passion the product of young parents, Tracy’s father soon left, allowing the mother had to Tracy McGrady moved back to Auburn from the Bate Wu Dell, where Tracy McGrady to the two A “mother ” of love, one is her biological mother, while the other is his grandmother – Tracy McGrady have said until now his grandmother is “Mom”.五、麦蒂家庭

McGrady grew up in the care of grandmother and mother grew, and soon became a child in that town at that time the king, the poor little life to Tracy McGrady to rely on professional sports to know how to get rich is the truth, so when He started in junior high school to show their athleticism, he wanted to go a good way of professional sports. And everything looks very smooth, and ultimately transfer by virtue of a successful high school experience to successfully enter the NBA. In 1997 he became VII show, he also met his current wife carat Linda, Linda, Carla was still a Lexus store salesman. After their engagement in 2003 and 2006 the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico married, had presided over President Bush’s inauguration prayer service presided over the wedding priest Kadeweier. For the flower girl daughter Laila and son Lemon hold arms, the family of the famous nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”song in the church through the corridor.

Now McGrady already has its own third child, daughter Tracy is 13 November 2007 before the game the Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies, was born. Interestingly, Tracy McGrady’s three children were born in the match day. Daughter Leila at January 26, 2003, magic against the Celtics was born; son of Lemon in the December 27, 2005 when the Rockets game against the Jazz was born.


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